Saturday, March 27, 2010

67 - Cat Nap(s)

Remember our kittens? The ridiculously cute, adorable, friendly ones? The ones who absolutely love each other to death and are forever together? 

Well, they're back, and just as wonderful as ever. This was the scene when Josh and I were eating lunch yesterday afternoon: 

The past few days have been considerably colder and with temperatures dipping below freezing again, we turned the heat back on. I know, it's the end of March... but I'd rather not deal with frozen pipes. Plus I think I'm probably considerably less irritable when the house is at least 63 degrees. 

At any rate, the radiators are back on, and Jack (left) and Mizu (right) have been very happy indeed. And in case you can't tell, yes, Mizu's head is resting on Jack's leg. They're just too cute sometimes. =)

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