Monday, March 1, 2010

41 - Cherry Blossoms

I miss Seattle. And I really miss Seattle in the spring. It's absolutely beautiful. No way around it. You have two gorgeous mountain ranges (the Cascades and the Olympics), which, from a distance are a deep purple with snow-kissed peaks. Then, you have green everywhere. Deep, pine greens, bright kelly greens, and every shade of green in between. Next comes the water. There's water all around. The numerous patches of Puget Sound (the Pacific Ocean), and then all the beautiful lakes. I don't think you can drive more than about 5 minutes without seeing a lake, ocean, or pond somewhere. Add the blue of the sky, and the sunlight bouncing off of it... and, well, do I really need to go on? It's breathtaking. Truly.

When I was back in Washington last week, I got to experience all that its spring has to offer... which means it was even more beautiful than it normally is. I flew in on Saturday, and after about an hour of slight rain sprinkles, there was no more rain the rest of the week. I think the temperatures all week ranged from 60-68. Jealous yet? (I was jealous of myself for being there!) One of my absolute, most favorite parts about spring in Washington is the cherry trees. There are so many in and around Seattle, and when they blossom, you just can't help but walk, run, drive around with a smile on your face. There's pink everywhere (and white from the plum trees), and it's really quite wonderful.

I really should have taken more photos than I did, but I did spend quite a lot of time in the car and at the hospital. However, I hope this is enough to convince you that should you ever have the opportunity to visit Seattle in March or April, you should take it!


Anonymous said...

I'd like notecards of this...

Hannah said...

Thanks! I could probably arrange for that! :)