Tuesday, March 16, 2010

56 - Bug Flower

Oh my goodness, I've really doing poorly with following through on this, huh? I apologize! Since coming back from Seattle, things have been crazy at work and with life. And by crazy, I mean cuh-RAY-zee. But I'm back! The art auction at work was last night, so I won't be working day and night (at least until our next event in May), and my dad is recovering well, so hopefully I'll be able to get more back into the regular jive of things. At least, it's my goal to! And you can hold me to it.

Well, it might be a month later than Seattle, and it might not exactly be as long-lasting, but the past week in Philadelphia has been rather spring-like, rather warm, and rather full of awesomeness in regards to chasing away the winter blues. Sadly, I think we're dropping back down about 20 degrees in temperature next week (we were in the 60s all this week!), but it's given me hope that yes, it will actually be warm again some day. 

As a result of this warm-weather burst, some flowers started poking their heads out. When Josh saw this photo, he laughed and commented that it looked a little like a bug flower. Which is sort of does. Hence the title. So here you go. (And for scale, this flower was less than 2" tall.)

And yes, I'm going to be doing some back-dating again with the posts... but here's the deal, these are photos that were taken earlier this week and just not posted. So, I say it's ok. And it's my blog. So I win! Ha, isn't life great sometimes? =)

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robin mg lawrenz said...

This DOES look like a bug flower. Nicely done.