Thursday, March 4, 2010

44 - Standing Guard

A couple days before my dad's surgery last week, my family went out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Now, it's a little strange going to "Chinese" restaurants with my immediate family... because Josh's immediate family (my in-laws) actually is Chinese. And trust me, there's a pretty big difference. =)

Josh's mom makes some fantastic Chinese food, and whenever we're in NY, we also usually end up going out for dim sum or dinner at some point (they live in Queens, right outside Flushing - the other Chinatown in NYC). It's very good, but very, very different. Needless to say, I haven't had American Chinese food in a while -- it almost seems sacrilegious now.

Anywho. The meal with my family was the first in quite a while, and the food was good, but what I actually really enjoyed was the decor of the place. Even Airika (my older sister) asked where they got all their dishware (specially ordered from China, of course). Below is a shot of a huge, intricately carved wooden ship. Really, it was amazing. You may want to click on it to see the larger shot so you can appreciate the intense, insane details -- the guard, who was less than 2" tall, has full facial features!


SLY said...

I love this one. Might have to print it out and frame it for my apt.

Hannah said...

I have a few more with slightly different angles if you wanted to do a collection ;)