Monday, February 28, 2011

186 - The Gum Wall

Welcome to the Seattle Gum Wall:

A little bit gross and a lot a bit intriguing. It's kind of a must-see if you're visiting Seattle. Just saying.

187 - Jamba

In a couple weeks, I will have one of these: 

Though, it probably won't be as warm or sunny as the last time I had one. But hey, I'll take Jamba Juice just about anytime. Plus, I think we have a gift card waiting. Mmm.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

185 - BFFs

Tomorrow I'll be leaving on a short getaway with this guy. We're BFFs. It's a guaranteed great time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

184 - B&B's Pinks & Reds

And, for the last installment of my parents' lovely summer garden, here are the pinks and reds...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

183 - B&B's Yellow

A little glimpse of yellow from my parents' garden...

This last photo is just an example of the crazy things you can do with editing today. While the two previous photos are straight out of the camera (no editing at all), the one below is actually the photo above, just with sepia-tones and some vignetting:

I love the look of sepia/black-and-white/aged photos... though I'm such a sucker for color that I always keep the originals as well. =)

182 - B&B's Orange

My parents have had beautiful gardens and yards for... well, probably for as long as I've been alive (and then some). I don't think I really realized the time, effort, and love that goes into maintaining such beauty until just a few years ago when I tried planting one for the first time. Even now, Josh and I have had vegetable gardens, but not beautiful gardens (and they really only survive because of Josh, at that).

Over the next couple posts I want to share just a few of the incredible plants and flowers my parents tend to... starting with my favorite color -- orange!

Also, all of these shots are straight out of the camera -- no color adjustment whatsoever. They really are just that amazing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

181 - Fremont Bridge

180 - On the Bridge

These just make me happy. Sigh. I miss Seattle. And summer. =)

179 - Drawbridge

I'm a little kid when it comes to "cool moments". Around water, that can be in regards to ships, and boats, and fish, and birds, and drawbridges. I stand there, open-mouthed, smiling, and insisting we wait until it's all finished, and everything of any interest whatsoever has passed... so naturally, we had to watch the entire proceeding of the bridge opening and closing. It was grand. =)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

178 - Down by the Water

There's something about water that simply calms my soul. Even though it fills me with great nostalgia and longing, it also brings me great peace and hope. Someday I'll find my way back to it, I'm pretty sure.

177 - Don't Follow

Just in case you were wondering... don't follow in my footsteps...

Compliments of a sign in downtown Seattle. It seems somehow fitting... though, I trip more often than walk into walls (though both have been known to happen). 

However, it could also be taken in regards to updating blogs..... I think I walked into a few walls over the past few months. And I might've fallen into a couple of pits along the way, too. But, I WILL post 365 photos on here, even though I'm already technically past my year deadline. =)