Sunday, July 18, 2010

149 - Mx2 + Jx2

Remember how I was talking about all the great newborns and families I've gotten to visit? Well, now that you've gotten a bit of a super cute newborn fix (i.e. Roman), let's go slightly older, but while still staying in the super cute baby category.

Meet Megan and Justin... and Molly and Josiah! Or, Mx2 + Jx2. =)

Megan is a sister to my dear friend, Robin, and over the past few years, I've gotten to know Megan & Justin during visits to their family's awesome property in southern New Jersey for girls' weekends, mini-retreats, weddings, and just need-to-get-away-from-the-city goodness. Their whole family is beyond hospitable, and also super talented in all things crafty and artistic. (Their parents met while working at a living history museum... I mean, how cool is that?!)

Megan and Justin have an incredible story that you can read on Megan's blog, Psalms Illustrated. After a number of very hard years trying to get their family started, they began the process of becoming foster parents (although I believe they'd already planned on doing that at some point anyway). In the midst of that, Megan became (and stayed) pregnant, and pretty soon they were blessed with their foster son, Josiah, and (6 months later) their biological daughter, Molly.  

Although Josiah is now over 16 months old, and they've had him since he left the hospital (I think 3 days old?), they may not be able to adopt him. They are the only family he's ever known, and they love him immensely, yet because of the system, may not be able to keep him. Megan's been documenting the journey with an open rawness, honesty, and humility that astounds me. Seriously, just go read her story! I'm pretty sure you won't have a dry eye at the end. I hope someday my ability to love matches her and Justin's, because any child who spends any amount of time in their home will be immensely blessed.

This has been a pretty long introduction, but I wanted to give a little backstory as to how this shoot came about. I hope and pray Josiah will find his "forever home" with Megan, Justin, and Molly, and that these photos will be ones they can cherish for a long time to come. 

Megan and Justin, thanks for letting me come hang out with you and your little ones. I had a great time!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

148 - Moments with Roman

Ok, I just can't get enough of this kid. Here's the last post with little Roman, starting off with some of his infamous sleepy time... and then a wide awake shot! I love the look on his face!

Next, some loving by beautiful mom, Shin. And in case you're wondering, Shin & Matt (aka Mom & Dad) really are the fun, wonderful, happy people they look like in all these photos. Seriously, this is a great family to grow up in. Not to mention big sister, Reina, is pretty much the coolest little 3-year-old girl ever.

I absolutely love little baby fingers and hands... it's unbelievable how tiny they are!

And finally, to end, the angelic Roman! Heh, admission from the photographer: this shot was overexposed, but I loved the look/composition of it. It was one right at the end of our time, and I adjusted my settings right after it... but this was the one I liked. So, I played around a little with the editing on it... what are your thoughts? (Besides that he's adorable.)

Friday, July 16, 2010

147 - Best Pizza Ever

Simply put, this is the best pizza I've ever eaten.

And, I think the thing that honestly shocks me more - I made it! Twice! Now, I'm not a bad cook, but man, I didn't anticipate I'd be the one making the best piece of pizza I've ever eaten. Though, I haven't been to Italy (yet)...

Check out the recipe (surprisingly easy, fast, and delicious) here. Happy eating!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

146 - Sleepy Baby

I'm back with more of baby Roman. I couldn't leave you with just that short teaser, could I? ;-)

Besides being ridiculously cute, Roman is a champion sleeper. He definitely got an A+ on keeping those eyes closed. Matt and Shin were trying so hard to get him to wake up -- but he wasn't having any of it. Their efforts finally paid off at the end, but I have to admit, I think he's pretty darn adorable even when he's sleeping, too!

Like I said, Roman knows how sleeping's done. But here's a peek at this little guy awake. This is probably my favorite photo of him... I just love that look! It reminds me of how -- incredibly -- this really is a whole new little person, even when he's just 10 days old. Such a blessing, huh?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

145 - Baby Roman

Right now I seem to be in a place in life where all of my friends are having babies. At one point, I tried to count the number of friends who have had/will have babies between March-September. Want to guess how many? I stopped counting at 18.

While Josh and I are not planning on having kids anytime soon (when we got married, I told him we were on the 5 year plan... 2 years later, we're still on the 5 year plan - 5 years from now, that is), I absolutely love loving on all my friends' babies. Because yes, I love kids... but, let's be honest, at this point, I love giving them back, too. =)

Anyway, I've got a few family and newborn sessions for you in these next few weeks, and I'm so excited to share them.

To start things off, we're going to visit little baby Roman. I know, right? Roman! You haven't even seen him yet and you know he's awesome. His parents, Matt & Shin, are absolutely wonderful, and SO MUCH FUN. Totally willing to go with anything. And they also make really adorable kids. So, without further ado, meet 10-day-old Roman!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

144 - Wedding, Part III - Details!

If you're married, or if you've had friends or siblings who are, you know how much time the bride spends on putting together the "details". You know, flowers, the cake, decor, etc.  My little sister is engaged and planning her March, 2011 wedding, and trust me, those details, while not the most important thing, are still some of the main planning items on the agenda.

Joline & Dwayne had a red/roses theme to the day... which I'm a fan of, seeing as how my middle name is Rose and I'm very partial to them. =) Here are some glimpses of the red roses decor and cake.

And let's not forget one of the most important parts, the bride's bouquet... I think that last shot might be my favorite. =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

143 - Wedding, Part II - Ceremony & Reception!

Now, what would a wedding be without a ceremony and reception, right? So, here's your sneak peek at Joline & Dwayne's special day. It was held at the Eichert Arts Center in Ephrata, PA, and although it was rainy and they couldn't do the ceremony on the lawn, there was a nice porch that was still quite pretty -- and very cozy. =)

Since Joline & Dwayne are becoming not only a new family together, but also with their five kids, instead of a unity candle, they did a family sand jar. Each of the kids (and Mom & Dad) poured their own jar of sand into the big family jar... pretty cool, if you ask me. 

Once the ceremony was through, the party began. It's always great when the glass clinking begins... and when there's cake, too...

To round off the evening, you've gotta have the first dance. 

These two (cousins, I believe), were also super cute:

And last but not least, check back for the last post -- the "details" shots!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

142 - Wedding, Part I

I have some exciting news. Thanks to my friend, Greg Hardin, of Gregory Lee Photography, I got a chance to second shoot for my first wedding! It was a bit of a rainy day (we grabbed about 2.3 minutes of non-rain), and though it was a bit different than I'd expected, it was a really great experience... I definitely learned a lot. =)

We spent most of the time doing "family" shots -- the couple really wanted to make sure their family and friends were documented, and with the family they were combining (5 kids between the two of them), it's understandable! But, I still managed to sneak in a few more "fun" shots in here and there. 

And, I may or may not have stolen the bridesmaids for 27 seconds at one point to run outside (in the rain) for a couple shots...

As I mentioned, there are a few kids in the families coming together to form a new one -- the couple referred to themselves as the "new Brady bunch". With smiles like these, I think they're off to a good start. 

I've got a couple more posts coming... check back next for the ceremony shots! =)