Monday, July 5, 2010

136 - And Other Camping Stories...

When I go camping, I use a lot of this:

I inherited my mother's attracting-insects gene, meaning that my blood sends out radar to every bug within about, oh, 3.2 square miles. And they come. To me. To feast. 

So, even when I use bug spray (and the one indicated above had 25% DEET), they still find me and I will end up with at least 5-10 bites, even when there are other people around me who the bugs don't even bat an eyelash at. 

However, this little guy was interesting, didn't bite me, and so I decided it was ok if he rested on my shoe for a little while:

However, I did have to boot him off eventually so we could head out to the orienteering course at French Creek State Park. But, before we could get started, we found another awesome-looking friend. Seriously, I think this may be the most incredible moth I've ever seen... and in addition to his great colors, he was big -- about 5" across...

Finally, we hit the orienteering course. None of us had ever done an orienteering course before and we definitely had a good time. The point is to make your way to a bunch of different check-in points using a special map. It doesn't have too many clues -- largely you're looking for various geographical features.

At the end of the path we returned back to our starting point... we managed to do what's usually a 2-hour, almost 6-mile course, in about an hour and 10 minutes! Not bad, huh?

And, what better way to end the post, than by letting the sign do the talking? =)  If you haven't gotten some camping action in lately, I highly suggest you do. You never quite know what you'll find. =)


Miah said...

5-6 inches taller? wow. looks like fun! 6 mile in 70 minutes - youre amazing :)

Hannah said...

Yeah, he's creeping up on 6' tall, and despite how much I might want to change it, I can't seem to get much past 5'6". =)