Sunday, July 18, 2010

149 - Mx2 + Jx2

Remember how I was talking about all the great newborns and families I've gotten to visit? Well, now that you've gotten a bit of a super cute newborn fix (i.e. Roman), let's go slightly older, but while still staying in the super cute baby category.

Meet Megan and Justin... and Molly and Josiah! Or, Mx2 + Jx2. =)

Megan is a sister to my dear friend, Robin, and over the past few years, I've gotten to know Megan & Justin during visits to their family's awesome property in southern New Jersey for girls' weekends, mini-retreats, weddings, and just need-to-get-away-from-the-city goodness. Their whole family is beyond hospitable, and also super talented in all things crafty and artistic. (Their parents met while working at a living history museum... I mean, how cool is that?!)

Megan and Justin have an incredible story that you can read on Megan's blog, Psalms Illustrated. After a number of very hard years trying to get their family started, they began the process of becoming foster parents (although I believe they'd already planned on doing that at some point anyway). In the midst of that, Megan became (and stayed) pregnant, and pretty soon they were blessed with their foster son, Josiah, and (6 months later) their biological daughter, Molly.  

Although Josiah is now over 16 months old, and they've had him since he left the hospital (I think 3 days old?), they may not be able to adopt him. They are the only family he's ever known, and they love him immensely, yet because of the system, may not be able to keep him. Megan's been documenting the journey with an open rawness, honesty, and humility that astounds me. Seriously, just go read her story! I'm pretty sure you won't have a dry eye at the end. I hope someday my ability to love matches her and Justin's, because any child who spends any amount of time in their home will be immensely blessed.

This has been a pretty long introduction, but I wanted to give a little backstory as to how this shoot came about. I hope and pray Josiah will find his "forever home" with Megan, Justin, and Molly, and that these photos will be ones they can cherish for a long time to come. 

Megan and Justin, thanks for letting me come hang out with you and your little ones. I had a great time!

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