Saturday, July 10, 2010

141 - Beach Day!

Since my little brother Jacob's visiting from Seattle, we couldn't let the time pass us by without a trip to the Jersey shore. While Seattle has incredible coasts, they don't quite have beaches in the same way the East Coast does. So, bright sun, hot sand, and cool waves were a must.

Josh wasn't able to come along with us because he's busy running a summer camp for middle school kids in our neighborhood, but we managed to stay out of too much trouble. I didn't take my "real" camera along, but I did pack Josh's old point-and-shoot in, and even though it seems to be on its way out (I think it's about 8 years old), I did get some fun shots. (When I wasn't busy swimming in the ocean, that is.)

There was actually a sand sculpting contest the day we were there... there were some pretty incredible ones! I totally love the big monster fish. He's my favorite.

And last but not least, what beach day would be complete without a squinty-faced ocean photo? Ok, well, at least squinty-faced on my part, because apparently Jacob is much better at looking normal and didn't inherit that gene... 

Happy beach day! Go get some fun in the sun while you can... or come to Philly and share some with us. =)

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