Thursday, July 15, 2010

146 - Sleepy Baby

I'm back with more of baby Roman. I couldn't leave you with just that short teaser, could I? ;-)

Besides being ridiculously cute, Roman is a champion sleeper. He definitely got an A+ on keeping those eyes closed. Matt and Shin were trying so hard to get him to wake up -- but he wasn't having any of it. Their efforts finally paid off at the end, but I have to admit, I think he's pretty darn adorable even when he's sleeping, too!

Like I said, Roman knows how sleeping's done. But here's a peek at this little guy awake. This is probably my favorite photo of him... I just love that look! It reminds me of how -- incredibly -- this really is a whole new little person, even when he's just 10 days old. Such a blessing, huh?

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