Monday, July 12, 2010

143 - Wedding, Part II - Ceremony & Reception!

Now, what would a wedding be without a ceremony and reception, right? So, here's your sneak peek at Joline & Dwayne's special day. It was held at the Eichert Arts Center in Ephrata, PA, and although it was rainy and they couldn't do the ceremony on the lawn, there was a nice porch that was still quite pretty -- and very cozy. =)

Since Joline & Dwayne are becoming not only a new family together, but also with their five kids, instead of a unity candle, they did a family sand jar. Each of the kids (and Mom & Dad) poured their own jar of sand into the big family jar... pretty cool, if you ask me. 

Once the ceremony was through, the party began. It's always great when the glass clinking begins... and when there's cake, too...

To round off the evening, you've gotta have the first dance. 

These two (cousins, I believe), were also super cute:

And last but not least, check back for the last post -- the "details" shots!

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