Saturday, July 17, 2010

148 - Moments with Roman

Ok, I just can't get enough of this kid. Here's the last post with little Roman, starting off with some of his infamous sleepy time... and then a wide awake shot! I love the look on his face!

Next, some loving by beautiful mom, Shin. And in case you're wondering, Shin & Matt (aka Mom & Dad) really are the fun, wonderful, happy people they look like in all these photos. Seriously, this is a great family to grow up in. Not to mention big sister, Reina, is pretty much the coolest little 3-year-old girl ever.

I absolutely love little baby fingers and hands... it's unbelievable how tiny they are!

And finally, to end, the angelic Roman! Heh, admission from the photographer: this shot was overexposed, but I loved the look/composition of it. It was one right at the end of our time, and I adjusted my settings right after it... but this was the one I liked. So, I played around a little with the editing on it... what are your thoughts? (Besides that he's adorable.)

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