Sunday, March 7, 2010

47 - Meet: Purple!

It's here - an actual belly shot! I told you I'd get around to it. =)

I wish I could tell you what a fantastic mom Patye is, but there simply aren't words. Even if you wrapped up all the tender, caring, attentive, nurturing, patient, and lavishing love that you could, it still wouldn't be enough. I'm sure she'd say she isn't all that wonderful... but trust me, she is. Her relationship with Amelie is simply beautiful to watch and share in. 

Every time I talk to Patye on the phone, she mentions what they're doing... having a tea party, cooking in Amelie's kitchen, reading books, changing the doll's diaper, singing songs and doing silly dances, out on a walk... the fun never ends. She is constantly seeking out ways to encourage Amelie's imagination and growth, and it brings me so much happiness to see Patye learning and absolutely loving her own journey along the way, too. 

That said, I can't wait for Lucy (aka "Purple!"... Amelie was "Pink!") to make her grand entrance, simply because I know what an incredible home awaits her. Congratulations, Patye and Minh!


angero said...

Absolutely lovely.

Hannah said...

Thank you! I had a fantastic subject (or two, I suppose) to photograph! :)