Wednesday, March 24, 2010

64 - Weeeee Are the Champions...

A few days ago, we had a pretty exciting thing happen at our school (especially for all the little kids who got to scream really loudly about it). Our middle school basketball team won the championship game, finishing off a fantastic undefeated season.

I've actually been meaning to post a couple photos, but because I'd downloaded the pictures to my work computer, I didn't have them at home when it came time to update the blog. So, they're a little out of order (this post should've come on Tuesday), but I hope you enjoy a few snapshots from the game.

And I apologize in advance for the horrible lighting... though, I had to try and get creative (I refused to use the flash because I didn't want to distract the players), and it did lend to some fun (unexpected) blurred shots.

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