Thursday, March 18, 2010

58 - Buds of Spring

So, we've had a week of March weather that really isn't typical of Philadelphia until mid-late May. It's been wonderful, and lovely, and fabulous, and everything good. I just wish it was here to stay. But, we'll enjoy it while we can, and that includes taking in all the beautiful buds and blooms around us. Although, it's not just the flowers that are starting to bud and bloom here in Philly...

I never thought I'd find shrubbery interesting... but I guess I was wrong! I actually really like the buildings in the background. I don't know why, but it feels a little bit like the wild west meeting urban city life.

Pretty amazing, huh? What is spring looking like where you live?


robin mg lawrenz said...

I LOVE the first picture on this post. It makes me feel like nature wins. :o)

Hannah said...

Hmm... you should be sure to look for another post related to this one within the next few days... =)