Sunday, March 28, 2010

68 - Pass and Stow

Come to Philly on a vacation and you'll probably end up visiting the Liberty Bell. It's a bit different than you might think - at least the set-up and museum part of the display. But it's still worth it to visit all the historic sites in the area (and there are many), and you might as well sneak a peek in at the famous site.

We had a few friends in the area this weekend (you might see them soon, although, I must admit, I didn't take many photos, and I'm not necessarily crazy about the ones I did... but we'll see!), so we hit up a few sites with them and their various family members, including the bell. 

It's crazy how many people are always there... and how hard it is to take photos of it because everybody wants their photo taken in front of it. It's a little bit crazy to think of how iconic it's become... because it's "just" a bell. Funny the things we hold onto, huh? And yet, I know that I'm definitely one who likes to have something physical to associate with something much larger and intangible. 

Anywho. That said, here's the Liberty Bell. Or at least half of it. =)

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