Wednesday, February 3, 2010

15 - Yin & Yang

Our kittens, Jack and Mizu, are no ordinary cats. If you've ever visited our house, you know what I mean. They are beyond friendly, follow us everywhere, play fetch, and just constantly want to love on you. But I think one thing I love most about them is that they are absolutely best friends. Most cats are all about establishing territory and maintaining independence.

Ours? If they're not in the same room for more than the time it takes to use the litter box, we either think something's wrong, or, now, since it's winter, assume one is asleep on the radiator in the next room. They are absolutely bonded and totally love each other (don't worry, in a platonic way - they're both fixed).

This is a shot of the two of them asleep on the couch... not an uncommon occurance by any means, but the shape of their bodies reminded me a little of yin and yang. I think it describes them perfectly.

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angero said...

Kitty perfection. This makes me smile. :)