Wednesday, February 10, 2010

22 - Chair Reservations

Chairs in the snow are kinda cool, right?

Well, sure. Except when they contribute to one of Philly's habits that irks me most...


Chair reservations.  
That are legally - and should rightfully be - open to everyone.

I won't go into a full rant now, but trust me - it makes me really upset! People will do this for days, and they'll do it even when it's not snowing. Granted, this person had to dig themselves out this morning, so they want to have their spot back. Apparently there's an unwritten understanding that you get to keep your spot one day for every 12" of snow. So, they'd get to keep it today. Maybe tomorrow, too.

But I still dislike it and disagree with it a whole bunch. And I really got irritated last night as Josh and I tried to park, because there were FIVE spots on our block reserved with chairs, trash cans, etc.... BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED SNOWING. And if I wasn't afraid/fairly certain I'd find my car damaged the next day if I ever tried to move someone's "reservation", I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Goodness, I just love Philly sometimes. (And yes, we're still having a blizzard! These were taken around 5:30pm... a lot was washed away by some freezing rain this morning, but it turned to snow a few hours ago and it's still coming down...)

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Katharine said...

I wrote a blog post about this the other day too! Haha :)