Tuesday, February 23, 2010

35 - Ava's Spark

Confession: I did take a photo today, but not this one. However, the person who did take the photo was acting as my photography student of sorts. Sometimes after school some of the kids come into our office to hang out, say hi, wait for parents, and so on, and one of our visitors likes art a whole lot. Her name is Ava, and she took this photo:

Ava always loves to help me out with projects -- especially when they're the artsy kind. So, I decided to teach her some photography skills. She'd never used a "real" camera before (as she put it), but she had so much fun. We talked a lot about focus, lighting, and zoom (amongst other things), and she spent time taking photos with all different sorts of themes. Above is one of her "hidden items" photos. She was practicing looking for items that you might not normally notice. She really had some great shots, and this is one that caught my eye specifically because she really took into account the three things mentioned above (focus, light, zoom). Pretty good for a preteen, huh?

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