Sunday, February 21, 2010

33 - Anthropologie Cart

As you may have noticed, the past few posts have been some streets scenes from around Philly. It's been so nice lately that everybody's been out and about. (And by "so nice", I mean 40 degrees.)

Above is a shot of one of Philly's street vendor carts. Sure, there are street vendors in lots of cities. This one always makes me laugh though, because it's right outside the entrance to the original Anthropologie store in Rittenhouse Square, and it sells some similar items, just at a much cheaper price. So, next time you head to Anthropologie, be sure to check out this shop first. =)


robin mg lawrenz said...

This is hilarious. So, when are we going shopping??

Hannah said...

As soon as you come to Philly! ;)

Seriously, though, what's your week of March 29-April 2 look like? (Talking more of Boston than Philly in this instance...)

Miah said...

I want to come shop too :)

Hannah said...

Please do! The more, the merrier!