Thursday, February 18, 2010

30 - Icicle

As I've mentioned before, this is the snowiest winter in Philly's recorded history. We had two pretty big storms back-to-back last week, but since last Thursday, it's been pretty mild. (We did have another storm a couple days ago that dropped about 2" of snow... but that doesn't really even seem worth mentioning after storms with 18-28", right?)

Even though a week's gone by since our last big excitment, there's still snow an dice EVERYWHERE because it's been so cold and nothing's had time to melt. Today we actually hit 38 degrees, and I'm not kidding - it feels like spring! Today things started thawing a bit, but given scenes like the one below, I'm pretty sure we'll have huge piles of snow and ruts of ice for quite a while to come.

And just in case you're wondering, this is an icicle on a drain pipe that's on a 5-story building. So, for perspective, the ice you see is about 4 stories high, and the big blub at the bottom is over a foot in width...

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