Tuesday, February 9, 2010

21 - Locked Out

As it happens, I did actually go outside once yesterday. We hadn't touched our car since Friday, since we didn't really need to use it to get anywhere we were going, but yesterday Josh had a board meeting for the school he used to teach at, and while it's not that far (about a 3-minute drive), it was too far to walk. So, we went to dig out our car.

Friends, for the first time ever, Josh locked himself - and myself - out of the car. After turning it on to warm it up, he pushed the button he thought unlocked the doors... except it locked them... so as I was going to open the back door, he closed the front door, and our adventure began. I will give it to him that in his old car, it's the opposite, and it hasn't been too long for him without that car (we've been a one-car family for about a month now, after giving his to his sister). But even so, we were still locked out of the car. With the car on. And the house keys on the same ring inside the car. I didn't even have my cell phone! Thankfully, Josh did (although he didn't have his wallet), and he was able to call Geico's emergency roadside assistance. About 50 minutes later they got the car unlocked (it was scary how easy it was for the guy to get into our locked car!), and we got our keys and normal life resumed.

Needless to say, we'll be making some key copies and distributing them to friends soon. In the meantime, Josh got to catch up with a friend (see above), and we got to huddle in cold companionship on the hood of my car for almost an hour. Isn't that how you'd want to spend your afternoon?


Katharine said...

awwwww, you should have knocked. I think Ted was home.

Hannah said...

I thought about it! But then I would've had to leave Josh all alone (since one of us had to wait with the car), and that wouldn't have been much fun. But don't worry, we've got you guys down on our list of people who should probably have a set of our spare keys - when we make them, that is!