Saturday, February 13, 2010

25 - Board Games

Josh and I love board games. This is nothing new. We also love converting our friends into board game lovers. It's a pretty fun endeavor. Above are some of the games that we've played within the past week. Yes, you read that correctly - the past week. And we played some of them twice (Small World is pretty hot amongst our friends right now). They're all pretty great. 

In case you're wondering, from bottom to top the games are:
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights: a storytelling game of adventure, encounters, quests, and destiny
  • Pandemic: a cooperative game where you try to save all humanity from deadly diseases (my review)
  • Small World: a game of building up races -- and letting them fall, as you seek to maintain the most power in a small and crowded world
  • Dominion: a deck-building, card-based game where you try to establish the best and most powerful dominion (my review)
  • Super Munchkin: a crazy (funny) card game of monsters, treasure, and attempting to win -- at all costs
  • Start Player: a game to determine who goes first in a game... yes, you read that right... and it's great

For some more of our favorite games, check out our board game gift suggestions from Christmas.


robin mg lawrenz said...

Add this stack to the list of reasons I need to see you soon.

Hannah said...

Um, and that was just what we played last week. There are lots more in the bookshelves. I could send you pictures of more stacks if that could speed up the visitation process. =)