Sunday, February 7, 2010

19 - Snow Church

So, above is what our street looked like OUTSIDE this morning right after a snow plow went through. Below are a few shots of what it looked like INSIDE...

We still have something like 2' of snow outside (not counting snow drifts), and since we're not quite used to this amount of snow, pretty much everything in Philly has shut down... including our church! However, while some people couldn't make it out to the physical building, we know a church isn't really a place - it's the people. So, a bunch of the people got together and we had a house-church service of sorts at our place this morning. Above you can see Yuan and Katharine, Chris and Chino, and Andres visiting with our cat, Mizu. Hooray for snow-house-church!

Oh, and did I mention that we have really cold temperatures right now (in the teens), so everything's freezing... and that we're getting another big storm Tuesday?! Oh yes, this is getting pretty fun... at any rate, there might be some more snow pictures around the next few days!

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