Saturday, January 23, 2010

4 - Jack in the Box

So, remember how the launch date for this project was a bit delayed due to waiting for internet at our house? It was supposed to start this past Tuesday... but, after many failed attempts, numerous calls to tech support, and three visits by Verizon people out to our house, we finally got it up and running about 11pm last night. Which means that this morning, Josh and I, who haven't had consistent internet at our house for about 3 months, have been sitting in the study, him on the desktop, me on the laptop. We've been catching up on news, social networking (because we both all-but-disappeared), organizing documents, and just hanging out.

Now, there's this thing that happens in our house... wherever we are, there our cats must be, also. Our cats (or kittens as I refer to them, though they're both fully grown at this point) are not your typical felines. They play fetch, follow us around everywhere, come when we call, love each other to death (they're constantly curled up with each other, and if they're not in the same room we think something's wrong), and are so friendly that we have to warn first-time visitors to our house that they'll likely get a number of lap visits during their time in our home.

Since we've been in the study all morning, naturally, so have Jack (short for Captain Jack Sparrow) and Mizu. Our kittens also have a great fondness for being in boxes and resting on top of the radiator. So, for the past two hours, they've been doing both. First Mizu got in, then she got out and Jack got in, then they switched again (Mizu's still in there - Jack is right next to her on the radiator). Here are a few shots of our beloved little kittens...

Jack first (since the title is "Jack in the Box", after all):

Now Mizu:

Man, it's ridiculous how much I love these two - I will readily admit it. They are so our children. =)


Miah said...

Hooray for cats! I want a cat :) Sounds like a wonderful Saturday in your home!

Hannah said...

Yes, a laid-back Saturday morning, indeed. And someday... someday you'll have a kitten again. I'm sure your dad appreciates your current cat-free status, though :)