Friday, January 15, 2010

The Details

So, you might have noticed that even though I wrote my first entry and shared about this blog a few days ago, there aren't any photos up yet. And it's supposed to be a blog where I put up a photo a day. Seems kind of fishy, doesn't it?

Well, here's the official update.

Since Josh and I have lived in our new house approximately two weeks now, we're still getting ourselves all situated and oriented and unpacked and dealing with important new homeowner issues like "WHY DO WE HAVE A $540 GAS BILL?!" (Over at that other site I blog on sometimes.)

Needless to say, we don't have internet access at our house yet. When we do get service, it's because some neighbor doesn't have a protected account, so we mooch off of them for about 5 minutes, and then the connection's gone. And nonexistent/highly unreliable internet connectivity makes for a very difficult time when attempting to upload pictures. Know what I mean?

But there's good news! We've received our supplies from Verizon, and they're coming out to hook us up on Tuesday. So, I think this coming Wednesday, January 20th, sounds like a perfect launch date. (I'm a little bit of a numbers nerd, and I like to start things on nice dates. And January 20th is a nice date. Just in case you were wondering.)

Hope to see you then!

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