Saturday, January 30, 2010

11 - Small World

I don't know if you know... but Josh and I really love board games. And by really, I mean really. At our wedding, our tables didn't have numbers - they were themed after various board games. Our immediate families sat at the Killer Bunnies table. Our Philly friends were at the Arkham Horror table. Friends from my mom's job at an engineering company sat at the Power Grid table. I've also written a few reviews of some of our favorites, and plan on doing many more. 

So, I'm not kidding when I say we really love board games. We love to play together (it's not unusual for that to be one of our date night activities) and we also definitely love to play with friends. Because of fixing up our house and moving, it's been a couple months since we've had a big game night at our place (maybe 10-15 people with multiple games going). However, we've had a few people over here and there for some fun. Tonight, we got to introduce Katharine & Ted to Small World. 
Most of my time was spent actually playing the game (it's quite a good one), but I caught Ted studying the cheat sheet for tips on his Heroic Amazons. He took it very seriously, as you can tell. Katharine was having a bit more fun as she checked out her Wealthy Wizards.

Then we played a bit.

And, Jack decided to show that, true to its name, it's a small world - with room for one only (don't forget, our cats love small places/boxes)...

The tag line for Small World is great. When you first see it, you think it says, "It's a world of laughter, after all!"  Then you look closer, and see there's a blood red 'S' in front, so it actually reads, "It's a world of slaughter, after all!"  Hopefully I'll get to do a review of it soon. =) 


Katharine said...

You're so kind for not mentioning Ted's brutal conquering tactics. :) You should have heard Ted after church today .... "Man, all I want to do is keep playing Small World!" Haha - it really is a great game!

Hannah said...

Well, you're welcome to come over again... I just might not sit right next to Ted this time. Perhaps I'll have to be the one who goes right before HIM! ;)