Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 - Tricked Ted

Last night, our friends/neighbors, Ted and Katharine, hosted a birthday bash in honor of Ted's upcoming 25th birthday (which is actually tomorrow - his golden birthday). A few highlights of the party included:
  • Phenomenal Indian food (compliments of Katharine)
  • The gift vase (donations "to" Ted for an organization in Haiti that he will be visiting next month on a trip with his law school)
  • A big batch of chai (made by me, but recipe credits (which is what it's all about) go to Devin and his Indian host parents)
  • Guests ranging from (at least) 7 different countries and spanning a good 4 decades (and you know some good conversation came from that)
But perhaps one of the most entertaining moments was when Katharine brought out the cupcakes and we sang to Ted... and he tried to blow out the candles. Poor Ted. He got tricked, and as you can see from this picture, he was quite (good-naturedly) upset about it. I think this was his 3rd go at the candles...

And in case you're wondering, no, he couldn't actually blow them out. Katharine got a few to stay out on her first attempt, which only infuriated Ted more (again, good-naturedly), so he ended up going over to the sink and sending the trickster candles to a very watery death.


Katharine said...

Fantastic picture Hannah! :) Thanks for the shout-out on here, and for documenting Ted's special day for us :) You made the evening that much better by being there. (I e-mailed your post to our in-laws so they could read about the party too, hehe). See you on Tuesday!

Miah said...

Recipe please :)

Hannah said...

Thank YOU for hosting such a wonderful celebration, Katharine! There's always a lot of love and fun when you and Ted are involved. =)

And Miah, the recipe is on its way! Just know it must be made with lots and lots of love (which I don't think will be a problem for you).

Josh Chen said...

I LOVE being in a community where friends are just down the block and where we have so many cultures, ages, and backgrounds represented in a gathering with the food, the music, and the people.

angero said...

This is so great! Great lighting with the candles and the perfect catch of the look on his face. :)