Monday, January 25, 2010

6 - IKEA Puppetry

I don't know about you, but part of setting up any new house for me (since I've lived in 8 different places over the past 8 years) is taking an IKEA run. Or two. Or five. Let's face it - I just love IKEA. It's definitely one of my happy places.

So, we went to IKEA for a bookcase for the study, and as we were walking, one of Josh's friends called him. We paused for a moment, and happened to be beside a bin of blankets that also had this little friend thrown in. Some people might say he was lost... I personally think he was on an adventure of the grandest kind - because who wouldn't want to explore a place like IKEA?! Josh enjoyed taking the moment to have him say hello to me.


Katharine said...

I envision a trend ... this little duck friend traveling with you and Josh to all corners of Philadelphia and the world! And pictures taken with him every spot (I'm totally thinking of the gnome in Amelie! :)

Hannah said...

Ha, that'd be awesome! Maybe we'll have to go back and try to find him the next time we're at IKEA. I could totally go for him documenting our journeys around the world... =)