Thursday, January 28, 2010

9 - Afternoon View

It's been a pretty long week. Not necessarily in the exhausting way, just the full way. I've been doing ok with keeping up with pictures, but today's photo comes at you compliments of my office chair. Because that's where I've been since early this morning and that's where I'll be for quite a few more hours. Then I'll go home and the natural light will be gone, photos will be harder, and I might be freaking out about not having anything posted (but just a little bit, don't worry). So, a picture has been taken. Here's the view from where I'm sitting. How about you?

Oh, and no, I haven't turned into a coffee drinker. It's just a mug of hot chocolate to get me through the afternoon.


Katharine said...

yesterday afternoon... i may have taken a picture of my view: a classroom full of 31 students (including myself) discussing and debating the value of our interview-based research questions cramped on the class white boards ... not too exciting!

Hannah said...

Hmm, that actually sounds pretty interesting to me. Perhaps next time you just need some hot chocolate to add to the mix. ;)

Barb said...

Looks just like my desk minus the fancy phone. Speaking of phones, Gretchen's just broke and she needs a phone but doesn't have an upgrade till May. Any suggestions?