Tuesday, May 25, 2010

114 - Blowing Bubbles

I promised you a little more info in the last post... so here it is! Some of it, anyway.  ;-) 

This weekend I had a little adventure in the park with Isaac and his parents, Jen and Kevin. You might recognize Isaac from one of my earlier shots -- is he not just one of the cutest little guys ever?! He's quickly approaching 3 years old (which is so hard to believe), and so stinking cute.

We know Jen, Kevin, and Isaac from church, and they're also part of the leadership team for our 2nd service (along with Josh and I and 3 other couples/families). They work at another urban, Christian school here in Philly -- Jen does development and Kevin is the principal. They're pretty cool people. =)

So, with that in mind.... on to today's photos!

I know what you're probably thinking -- I've posted these bubble photos backwards. It'd make sense to go from blowing bubbles, to chasing bubbles, to bubbles on the grass, right? Well, of course... but that's just not how I do things. Sometimes, it's more fun to start at the end. A storytelling twist. Like sneaking just a few sentences from the end of the book at the beginning. (Don't try to deny you've never done it.)

All that to say... here's to blowing bubbles. Especially with a super ridiculously cute and wonderful family like these guys. And there just might be some more bubble chasing involved, because hey, that's definitely a big part of the joy of bubbles, of which there was no lack whatsoever.

Which one reminds you most of you when you blow bubbles? =)


Barb said...

The colors are extraordinary in these photos. Did you do anything special?

Josh Chen said...

That orange shirt makes a great contrast to the green. You must have loved having your favorite colors in there.