Thursday, May 27, 2010

116 - Baseball with Isaac

Get ready, guys, it's time for some baseball! And when Isaac's involved, this means there will be an abundance of tongue-hanging-out happiness, "baseballs" of all shapes and sizes (including beach balls and mini basketballs), great instruction from Mom & Dad, and no shortage of cuteness.

Check out this intense concentration... totally an MLB player in the making...

Look how willing to share he is! Or, as he would say, "Gook at me! Gook at me!"  And what... you've never played baseball with a beach ball before? =)

And when it's all over? Heading home with Mom. It's all in a day's work, folks, all in a day's work.


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much, Hannah! These are beautiful.

Barb said...

You should start offering packages where you chronicle kiddos every 3 months! You capture them so precisely - what an amazing treasure this would be for them. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Hannah! I love me some Isaac Deane. The other Deanes are aight too lol


Hannah said...

Haha, thanks, guys! Or, gals!

Isaac is pretty cute... it's hard not to have fun with a smiley guy like him. Even when he's had a long day -- you'd never tell from the photos that he needed lunch and a nap, right?

Hehe, guess it's all in the genes. ;)