Wednesday, May 26, 2010

115 - Bonus Look

I love capturing moments of people that are so "them". You know -- the moments where you catch a laugh or a glance, and you just see that person's character in the photo. And often, the ones I personally love most are the ones that show sides you don't get to see all the time.

This is one of those photos for me. Don't know why exactly, but it intrigues me. Jen and Kevin, maybe you guys see this look all the time... but maybe you don't! Is this just a "Why's Hannah got a big black thing in my face?" moment, or do you see an "Isaac-ism" in it?

Either way, I love it. =)

Also... quick vote... do you guys prefer this in color or black and white? Give me your thoughts! =)


Jacob said...

black and white

Jen said...

Here's a classic Isaac look. It kind of looks like he's in between starting to say "Cheeeeese" and squinting from the sun. Usually I prefer black and white, but I think I prefer the color. I like the color in his eyes and lips and definitely the brightness of his shirt. Thanks again for these gorgeous shots of our kid. You're really capturing him well.

robin mg lawrenz said...

I say color definitely. I mean come on. He's wearing ORANGE. Can't waste that on black and white. :o)

Hannah said...

Noted! He does rock the orange pretty darn well!

And Jen, I'm so glad you like them! That's a big part of what this is all about. ;)