Saturday, May 22, 2010

111 - West Philly Architecture

One thing Philly has a lot of is impressive architecture. Some of the buildings are sadly in pretty bad states of disrepair... but they're still simply beautiful. I've never lived anywhere where I'm constantly surrounded by towers, turrets, arches, and intricate iron-wrought designs. I thought I'd give you a *little* taste of it today with some shots from West Philly (the area where I work).

There are a lot of rowhouses in Philly, but a unique design for some of the West Philly rowhouses is this arch between sets of houses. Here are a couple views -- the one above makes me think a little bit of The Secret Garden, and I just like the one below.

There are also iron gates, fences, and decorative pieces (like faces) all around...

And that's your bit of Philly for today! Which one is your favorite?


Barb said...

Very cool angles! My fav is the "question mark" wrought iron fence. Where have all the artisans gone??

Josh Chen said...

I like these pictures. ALL these pictures! You're right when you say I'm more into architecture. I think I like that last shot the best - both in terms of angle and just with that iron grill on white light background.