Thursday, May 20, 2010

109 - Couch Potatoes

Today was a pretty crazy, draining day (though it definitely had some good moments), and as I finally took a moment to rest on the couch, I realized I hadn't taken a single photo all day. I've been doing my best to take my camera out at least once and take a photo (or five) of something... even if it's not the photo I end up posting (like when I substitute and take a few days to post various events). I still take some photos each day, though, and it's been good practice even when I'm feeling out of it.

Today, though? Well, it just seems like the most honest and authentic thing to post this photo of how our evening's wrapping up. Josh had a good amount of credit at GameStop after he returned a bunch of games in January, so he just picked up a new game yesterday that he's pretty excited about. So, he's playing, I'm posting, and it's not such a bad way to wrap up the day.

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