Thursday, May 13, 2010

103 - Airika (and her Camera)

Today is my older sister Airika's birthday. She's pretty much awesome. And a great big sister. I wish we lived closer (3,000 miles does make it rather difficult to hang out on a regular basis), but I'll get to see her before too many more months go by. And then, I'll give her a big post-birthday hug. Though to be honest, it'll probably have nothing to do with her birthday at that point. It will still be a "post-birthday" hug, though! Ha! Ok, I'll stop now.

Airika, I love you so much, and I am so glad you're my sister. I love our 5:30/2:30 phone chats, and I'm so grateful for all the love and advice you give me. You're sort of one of my biggest cheerleaders, and you'll never know how much I appreciate that. You help me realize parts of my dreams, and I wouldn't trade you for anything. I love that you're not only my sister, but one of my best friends.

I also wish I had far more fabulous photos to share of you to match how wonderful and amazing you are... I guess now I'll just have to do that session with you and Gerald next time I see you. =)

Oh, and in these photos, Airika was giving me some tips on shooting using manual focus (I don't mind shooting in manual, but I do often just use my auto-focus feature). Also, she can't mind these photos too much because one of her favorite felines in is them (whose name happens to be 'Camera' - pronounced 'Kuh-meer-uh').

P.S. Don't forget tomorrow is the last day to help me out and vote for your favorite photo in the mini contest! Thanks!

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Airika Pope said...

Oh, I love YOU sister. Thank you for your sweet blog post. I wish you lived closer too. :) Oh--and the first kitty is Sebastian. My favorite little bengal/tabby mix. ;) Love you!