Wednesday, May 19, 2010

108 - Live Teal (for Maura)

Today marks the one year anniversary of Maura Cassiana DeSouza going to be with Jesus. She is missed beyond what words can even come close to saying.
Maura and me during a super-cold Thanksgiving parade.

You really couldn't be around Maura without smiling. She had an infectious and ready laugh, kind and humorous words, and truly just made you feel at ease in the world and happy with who you were at any given moment. Life was just good with Maura around. That's a rare gift. 

And you know what? Her love is still pretty evident today. She touched so many lives that her love really is just still continuing to give today.

Today's photo is to honor and remember Maura, and to continue spreading her love. Above is my Live Teal bracelet. For a little bit of background on Live Teal, and an incredible story of faith, courage, love, and struggle, visit her mom, Erin's, blog: Maura. Life After

And don't worry, Maura (or Lydia, or Danielle, or Erin, or Joel) -- we'll keep living teal, and we won't ever forget.

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