Thursday, April 8, 2010

79 - All-Star Game

After the winning the Championship game this year, our undefeated basketball team had to make a hard decision: who would they send to play in the All-Star game?

Well, it may have been difficult, but decisions were made and some of our top players got to go play in the league All-Star game -- at the Wachovia Center. Yes, as in the one where the Philadelphia 76ers, Flyers, and Wings play.

And guess who got to be on the floor to photograph?

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I do not have the equipment or experience (yet) to be a professional sports photographer. Although the bright lighting helped tremendously, many of my photographs still came out blurry in some sort of way. But they're fun, too. And I had a good time. And the coaches/kids loved the photos. And that's what matters, right?

Also, the floor? Well, it's ridiculously clean. I forgot to bring my tennis shoes, and since they don't really let any other kind of shoe on the floor... I ran around barefoot for the entire game. And you know what? My feet were sickeningly clean. As in, I'm not sure they really got dirty at all. It was pretty impressive. Maybe it's how they can do things like this (click on it to check it out as a larger image):

All in all, it was definitely a fun day, and the kids were totally hyped about, too. Maybe next year I'll even be able to stay for the 76ers game afterwards. =)


Airika Pope said...

Great photos, Hannah! I actually love the action blur that you got in many of them. What a cool spot to photograph too!

Hannah said...

Thanks, Airika! =) It was a pretty cool place to be. I guess these shots aren't so bad in the blurry factor... but that's why they're the ones up! I suppose I was more bummed about how a lot of the others turned out, but I guess that's just part of the learning process! Thanks for the encouragement, though... it means a lot. =)