Monday, April 5, 2010

76 - Rita's

Well, it's officially Spring. How do I know this? By the picture below.

Yup, that, my friends, is our first Rita's of the year. Ten points to the first person who guesses which kind it is!

Now, if you aren't familiar with Rita's, it's high time you came to visit us in Philly. Because it is definitely one of the redeeming qualities of the city. (I know Rita's is an East Coast thing, but I didn't know about it until I moved here, so I'm counting it towards Philly's redemption for now.) 

So, what is that delicious looking goodness? Technically, it's called "water ice", but if you actually say "water ice", no one will know what you're talking about. However, if you say "wooder ice" or "wuder ice", you're golden. Basically, it's the best tasting Italian ice/shaved ice/ice cone/slushee goodness you've ever had. And sometimes, you even get custard on top.

Let's just say, with all this warm weather, Josh and I decided it was high time we got to Rita's to cool down. So on one of our pushing-90-degrees days, we did just that. And these photos were all I could grab before Josh (and myself) had to dig in. It's that good.


Jay Hiatt said...

Is it mango, perchance?

robin mg lawrenz said...

No way. That is orange cream without a doubt.

This makes my spirit bubble with happiness. Man oh man do I love rita's. Thankfully there is one about 20 minutes away. Otherwise I do not know how I would survive up here.

One word of correction: that creamy goodness on top of your gelati is custard, not ice cream. Big difference. As a former rita's employee I thought it was my duty to make sure you knew.

Hannah said...

Alrighty. Well, Robin, I did know it was custard, but I did make the edit. Good call. Rita's should be proud.

Sadly though, I must inform you that Jay gets the 10 points. It is indeed mango. (Jay, use those 10 points well!) You know, I'm not even sure I've seen orange cream... mango seems to be the big selling one here (and my personal favorite so far).

However, I'm glad that no matter what, all three of us have access to Rita's. It does make life happier!

robin mg lawrenz said...

humph. The colors on my computer must be off. It looked way too muted to be mango and just the right hue for orange cream. Mango is definitely the most popular flavor across the board. We always went through mango the fastest when I worked at Rita's, and it's one of the three flavors (the other two being cherry and lemon) that we were required to have every day.

Orange cream is really good. It tastes just like a creamsicle. I definitely recommend trying it. Maybe in a Misto with vanilla custard.

And I quite agree that it makes life much better to have access to a Rita's. Ice. Custard. Happiness. :o)

Hannah said...

My computer screen is also not calibrated - you can blame it on me if you'd like. =)

I'll have to try orange cream sometime... though, I must admit, it's rather hard to break away from mango because it's just so delicious. I don't know what a misto is though... explanation, oh Rita's expert?