Wednesday, April 7, 2010

78 - Gears, and Seats, and Wheels, Oh My!

Meet our two new friends:

Josh and I have been talking about getting bikes for a while..... but the reason we've been talking so long is because talking is a lot easier to do than finding the money for two bikes, a car rack, equipment, etc. So, no bikes.

But then! Yes! This story has a happy ending! Then we visited NY and brought back these two old bikes from Josh's parents' basement. They've apparently been sitting down there, unused, for quite a while (one is actually Josh's old one). So, we bought a rack to go on our car, and brought these two lovelies back to Philly with us. And trust me, things like new seats (the others had been chewed to bits by the dog), brake pads, helmets, etc? So much cheaper than buying two new bikes... and all that other stuff as well.

Needless to say, we're enjoying them quite a bit. The weather is perfect for bike rides, and Josh has been using his a lot even just to get to/from church (he normally just walks). We're definitely looking forward to this being a fun, new thing to do together - as well as the obvious health benefits. Hooray for happy finds and gifts from the in-laws! 

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