Saturday, April 10, 2010

81 - Wheaton Brunch

On Saturday, Josh and I hosted one of the Wheaton alumni group gatherings at our house. Specifically, one for the more "recent" grads (within the past 10 years). It was a brunch potluck for people from all around the Philadelphia area, though we did have some guests from a little further afar (think Baltimore and NY).

One of my (same year) classmates has been on the club planning committee since we both moved here after graduation, and it's been fun to lend a helping hand here and there, as well as try to get young alumni to the events.  

For this one, another alumni suggested (back in January) that we invite Dr. Phil Ryken - then on the Board of Trustees - to do a Q&A about being on Wheaton's Board. Little did we know then, that about 2 months later, he would be announced as Wheaton's next president (it's kind of a big deal - there have only been 7 in 150 years thus far). As is evidenced below, he and his son are quite ready to bring on the Thunder orange and blue:

I didn't take too many photos since I was running around playing hostess (and seeing old friends from Wheaton and Workout that I hadn't seen in a while), but I did grab a few, including one of people hanging out in front of our house. For some reason, I really enjoy the fact that there were a bunch of Wheaties hanging out in Hunting Park.

Oh, and the group photo credit goes to Josh for this last one, as I was actually *in* it. =) 

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