Monday, April 12, 2010


Yup, you heard it right - I'm pulling out the stops and calling Sunday and Monday in as sick days. I figure since I was sick enough to not go to church, leave the house (let's be honest - I barely left my bed), or get out of my pajamas on Sunday... and did pretty much the same thing Monday (just switch out not going to church with not going to work)... I can take them as sick days here, too. Because, sigh, it's true. I didn't take any photos Sunday or Monday.

But! I can show you some pretty fantastic photos... that I'm IN!  And yeah, that's probably cooler than photos I took, right?

They're from our fashion aftershoot in Seattle last December... go check them out! Because they're INCREDIBLE! And, we're taking votes on which one(s) to get printed, so leave a comment on The Popes' blog with your favorites!

Here's one that Airika & Gerald gave me permission to post... if that doesn't whet your appetite for more amazing photos, I don't know what will! Check 'em out!

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