Wednesday, June 30, 2010

131 - Valley Forge

A little over a week ago, just as I was beginning to recover from my random, lengthy illnesses, Josh and I took a short jaunt up to Valley Forge National Historical Park. It's actually only about a 45-60 minute drive from our house, but we hadn't gone up there before. I know. We're bad Pennsylvanians... but we both still frequently speak of and mourn the losses of our respective NY and WA drivers' licenses, so it's only to be expected that we're not fully acclimated to being PA citizens, even 4 years in.

Anywho. We made it up and spent a great afternoon visiting the sites, hiking around, and enjoying the beauty. As much as we both love "the city"... sometimes it's just good to get out of it. Plus, we're both nerds and love things like history and historical places. It's a good match. 

Right after we got there and ate our picnic lunch, we happened upon a reenactment at the Muhlenberg Brigade site. The following sequence is for your own version of the reenactment. Oh, and we definitely recommend visiting if you're ever in the area. =)


Miah said...

Awesome! And that's in National Treasure too :)

Hannah said...

It is! As are many other sites in and around Philadelphia. You might just have to come back for a longer visit sometime... =)