Wednesday, June 9, 2010

121 - Sisters

Now, a family shoot wouldn't be a family shoot without... well... family, right? =) And who do you give the hardest time to, share and grow exponentially with, and talk and fight and laugh the most with? Your siblings. Especially sisters. (Yup, personal experience. Mine are pretty fantastic, must admit.) 

So, I couldn't let you have another peek at Gia without also showing you her other half -- adorable little sis, Nadia. 

And here Gia's showing you the 'G', lest you forget or mix up their names:


Barb said...

I love the soft features and the's always all about the eyes, isn't it? Great work!

Josh Chen said...

Yay for these portraits! Gotta love the in-focus/out of focus thing. I know, we need better lenses to do it more. But these are great!