Monday, June 28, 2010

129 - Taste of India

So apparently, it's really easy to break a habit. I mean, it may take 21 days to form a habit... but if you get sick for a month, man!, it's a great way to break a habit. I'm attempting to reform it. Gonna do a bit of backposting in the process... let's see what happens.

Don't forget to check older posts, because hopefully I'll be churning 'em out in a fast and furious manner this week! =)

So, this past weekend (which was, ahem, um, yesterday, June 27, right?), Josh and I went to the Taste of Philadelphia food festival. I must admit, I was a little disappointed in how small it was (I think there were 24 vendors.... I'm used to the Bite of Seattle with 70+), but we still had a good time and some good food. 

One thing we really enjoyed was the stage performances, specifically one with girls and women performing traditional Indian dances. It's pretty amazing to watch - so precise, exact, and beautiful... not to mention really fun and entertaining! Oh, and yes, these are all SOOC - the colors really were that bright!

While these are just a hint at what the true beauty of India includes, you can check out a collection of incredible photos from my sister and brother-in-law's month-long trip in India. I'm pretty sure they need to be working for National Geographic. They're pretty amazing!

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