Tuesday, June 29, 2010

130 - Community Garden

Our community garden is getting into full swing, and between our CSA share and our own backyard garden, we're getting some pretty darn good produce. Oh, and all from grown within about 5 blocks of our house. Not too bad, eh? 

These are all shots from when we went to pick up our share at the community garden this week...

I bet from these photos you wouldn't guess Kim is less than 3 weeks away from her due date! She's still out working hard... I bet her little girl will be just like her!

So... I've never had Swiss chard before, but I've researched a couple recipes for it, since they let us know it'd be in the garden this year. However, I had no idea how bright it was! It might be my favorite, just for being such lovely colors (our wedding colors, actually).

And, last but definitely not least, one of the big minds behind this community garden, and the go-to garden man around our neighborhood: Andy! Yup, he knows how to rock it.

For some summer recipes and such, check out my other blog... there's sometimes some okay stuff over there. ;-)


Miah said...

I'm jealous. My herbs failed miserably. And I got one green pepper, but I didn't pick it in time and it tasted weird. I buried it back in the dirt.

And I like those wedding colors :)

Airika Pope said...


Hannah said...

Haha, Miah, I love that you buried it again!

Our tomatoes and grapes are just starting to get started, but, mm! They're good! And our herbs are doing well... except the cilantro, which totally bummed me out! I'd been looking forward to it all year, but we've also had a LOT of really hot, dry weather.

Sometime soon I'll have to give you guys a glimpse of OUR backyard. =)