Friday, November 5, 2010

175 - Zeus

I'd like to introduce you to someone very special. Someone very important to my little sister. Someone who will become a permanent part of her family come March. Meet Zeus:

Hmm, not quite what you were expecting? :) Well, my little sister, Gretchen, is engaged, and her fiance, Brett, is the owner of this cute, but not so little, guy named Zeus. And he's not really a cake. He's a living, breathing English bulldog who can easily knock you over as he's about 80 lbs of pure muscle. However, this was the cake for their engagement party -- pretty awesome, huh? It was very lifelike, for sure, and I especially love the details of the cupcake...

For some photos of the REAL Zeus -- when he actually WAS a cute, little, puppy -- check out the awesome shoot The Popes did when he was just a few weeks old!

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