Tuesday, November 2, 2010

171 - Cinnamon Roll

Let me introduce you to the Maltby Cafe cinnamon roll -- a plateful of delicious, gooey goodness:

This is the first official "Seattle" photo that you'll be seeing. Due to some airline/flight complications, Josh and I had finally gotten in to my parents' house around, hmm, 4am, I think? Which given the time change, felt like about 7am for us. Translation? An all nighter! 

However, my dear friend Fritz (also known as Carolyn) was going to be flying out that same day, so we had one chance to connect, and connect we did! At the infamous Maltby Cafe, of course; over an infamous cinnamon roll, of course. And just so you can get a grasp on the size of this "roll", here's Fritz modeling it:

Yup, the thing is huge. The perfect treat for friends who live on opposite coasts to share and catch up over. =)


Fritz said...

I'm so very glad that our trips overlapped, if only by a few hours. However, it's almost cruel to post pictures of a Maltby Cafe Cinnamon roll when we're both so far away from Maltby!

kristenita said...

YUM. this makes me hungry...