Monday, November 1, 2010

167 - Rainbow Cake, II

Oh. Maybe I should have warned you that there's quite a bit of bright, non-natural, non-organic, non-politically correct coloring in this post. Oops! :)

I don't know how much you know about me, color, swirls, or cake batter, but here's the deal: when they're all combined I am one happy camper. Or, um, eater. Let's just say it's really quite alright to have all those "non" things listed above, because the result is deliciously colorful and wonderfully fantastic. And really good to eat, too!

Welcome, once again, to the world of rainbow cake!

For more information on what this rainbow cake thing is all about, visit my other blog. It has the full details, recipes, and more photos. These photos are just from a rainbow cake whipped together very quickly for a friend's going-away party. While I don't have as many photos as on the (older) rainbow cake post, I just couldn't resist taking, and sharing, a few. After all: colors! swirls! cake batter!  :)

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